Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 in review

 Next month I'll try my best to do a mid-month review because, boy to I have a lot of pictures and things to say for this post:) So far the year has started off great! Justin finally found use the perfect new family car, my new to me "Fozzie" ^^^^. I love her and it's been so nice to be able to just go when we want or need to after all the car trouble and months of no car at all that we dealt with in 2013.  That by it's self is enough to celebrate!
 Next up is my first finish of 2014, my second wiksten tank dress. I've already worn the heck out of this one, I love it so much. The burgundy fabric is a poly I found at the thrift store and the trim is left over charcoal knit from my fair isle meridian cardi. It makes a beautiful combo as a jumper over a tee or collared shirt and it's a great pattern for a garment beginner (this gal right here!)

We finally found a barber for the Bear! She gave him a "quiet" (he's terribly scared of the buzzers) haircut and as many dumdums as he could eat. After being practically thrown out of the shop the last time we tried for a hair cut with an inconsolable child, this mommy is glad to have found a new hair cut home of her boy. See, YAY for 2014!
 The first month of Stash bee was such a success! This is the  Tonganoxie Nine Patch that Kat our queen bee for the month and hive momma requested. I was totally inspired by the dark teal she had included in her sample fabrics so I have to say the darker block is my favorite, but I think they both came out super cute. All the blocks by my hive mates have been awesome  as well, so I'm super pleased with my group and am looking forward to my turn in September. I'm glad I have a while to decide on what I'll have them make for me, so many ideas are going on in my head.

  Speaking of bee's! I joined another one the other day! The Modern Insta-Bee on Instagram hosted by brazenlisa who was totally awesome enough to hook everyone up! We'll be working out of the book Modern Bee By Lindsay Conner for this one.   High 5 to all my Hive 5 ladies if you happen to stop by ;) the last two days of being thrown together and "meeting" you all has been great and I'm super excited to get to know you all and work together on this awesome bee.
Ah.....sewing clothing my newest obsession, mostly because I can now have all the clothes I long for, I just have to make them first ;) It took me a long time to get over the fear of garment making but now that I have, I'm on a roll! I even made a maxi skirt out of my left over galaxy knit the other day(no pictures yet) and it only took me like an hour and a half total!
 Sarah had gotten in this awesome tribal knit a few weeks ago. I think I showed up the very next day to get some for these leggings (my second handmade pair!). It's a bit of a slinky Lycra knit so they are really soft against the skin and super comfy. With our weather here being so up and down this winter, all my legging have been getting a daily work out in the "heather fashion" department ;)
 My Mom got a new Laptop and asked for a case made by me for her birthday. She's a Graphic Designer so she asked that it be bright and inspired by some of the Pantone colors of the year. I went with radiant orchid, turquoise, and tangerine (mostly because those were the ones she had mentioned on the phone, lol) I did a lot of new things with this bag: medal hardware, adjustable strap, recessed zipper  and the way I made the pocket. I designed the bag around the laptop specks and needs she asked for. I was pretty pleased with the out come and she seemed to love it when I gave it to her on her birthday.
 This picture of Coleman is my favorite for the month, so I thought I'd share. He's getting so big, it makes me sad. this is from our trip out to Crooked River state park on Martin Luther King Jr. day.
 A new year means new BOM's (block of the month for those non-quilty readers)! Here are my fabric pulls for the two I picked out to participate in this year. I seem to have a new found love of red this year.
Like I mentioned in my last post, this year I'm doing Quiet play's FPP BOM again, it's kitchen themed (yay!) January's block came out so cute! which came first the chicken or the egg? harharhar. In this case the egg since that was the part I started with:)
 I'm also Participating in Pile'o Fabric's skill builder 2014 BOM . This one is set up more like a class and so far I'm really digging her platform. We will also be doing quilt as you go on these blocks which I'm super interested to learn since I sew on a smaller machine and I do enjoy quilting my projects myself. These are the first two blocks of the series.  I'm pretty stoked to be working with that blue and white cabana stripe I got from Sarah in this quilt, she's had it in the shop for ages and I've been in love, but had no idea what to do with it. Now I do <3

 My most excellent husband turned another year older this month. I took him out on the town for his big day. I also dyed my hair a funky color(promise to post pictures soon) at his request because I'm awesome. This is when we made a stop at Downtown Cigar lounge in Jacksonville after the locals only beer fest ended. Monday night we'll be going to see Queens of the Stone Age and that will end his birthday extravaganza!
 Kristy does it again! This time she's tackling the characters of Lego Marvel and I was lucky enough to test her new Iron man pattern! Since I could choose which pattern to test, I let Coleman do the picking. I was a little surprised he picked Iron Man, I thought he would pick spider man since he likes the show and his fav jammies are his spidey jams. I'm still not sure if he even really knows who Iron Man is, but the boy's love for robots trumps spider man I guess and for all intents and purposes Iron Man is a Robot. Any-who this beauty is destined to be a pillow cover as per the littles request. this block finished at 10 1/2" so I've got some borders to add before he's finished. i'll either make him a 16 or 18" throw cover I think.
P.S. How awesome is that marvel license fabric? I really hate license fabrics, I always think they're so cheesy. This one not so much, I'm tempted to get more and make the boy a throw to go with his pillow with the rest of the characters once the patterns are released. Like I need another project!
So, this year the Bear will be turning four and while I'd like to keep him in his toddler bed forever, I think we'll be putting him in a big boy bed come his birthday so I've decided he needs new quilts for this up coming event! This is the start of the first of  two I have planned for him. I'm using dear stella's take a hike line in flannel and some flannel shirting fabrics in various campy plaids. I decided this was the perfect project to try out Liz of Lady Harvatine's (I totally have a quilty crush on her) Log pyramid tutorial which has fascinate me for months. I think in the end I'll call this quilt "Merit Badge" since the the theme of the fabrics and the pyramid blocks remind me of the badges I earned as a scout. I told Coleman he was a lucky duck since this may be the cuddliest quilt I've ever made, everything is just so soft!
Since I took this picture I've gotten the first round of logs onto the first half of my centers. These are pretty time consuming but so far I absolutely love the way they are turning out, I can't wait to share more progress as I go:)

 January 2014 really has been a month to remember. I've made some new friends, I got a new car, I was able to bring Joy to the people I love. It was good :) bring on February! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year's and the obligatory return to blogging

  While I'm not necessarily going to call this a resolution, but I do feel the need to start a better documenting of my projects and what-not in 2014.  My biggest dilemma with writing this journal has always been worrying that I might sound stupid or that why should I bother if no one reads it anyway. With that said, I have decided that no one ever has to read this but me, this record is for me to remember what ever it is that I want to remember and if you lovely mysterious reader out there decide it's worth reading and following along well that would be just peachy too:)
      So, you may be asking what I was doing in 2013? and the best answer I have is learning. Learning to piece better, learning different ways to quilt, the very end of the year even brought me to learning to make my own clothes! Now, those that know me personally maybe saying "but Heather, I thought you already knew how to sew? Hell, you have a business based on you being able to sew!" Well, yes I already knew how to sew, but I mostly taught my self and I personally felt to need to take the time to learn from others this year, learn different and/or better ways to get the desired results from my work.  It was a lot of fun, I learned quit a lot, and I think I'm a better seamstress and quilter than I was a year ago.
  In 2013, I discovered paper piecing and how much I freaking love that particular technique. I gained a better understanding of free motion quilting, though my skills still leave me with something to be desired, but I've been assured it all comes with practice. I participated is a swap and a few BOM's and made a few online sewing friends. I made a lot of gifts for the ladies in my family, and I still did Peach Vintage  (though admittedly less ready to ship, lots of custom and commission orders though! thanks for that loveys :)   
   In 2014, I plan to put what I learned to use, I've got a head and a few sketchbooks full of ideas that need to be put to fabric. I've got piles of Peach Vintage WIP's to finish up and get into my etsy shop. I'll be doing Quiet Plays Sew Kitchy BOM ( I participated in her and sew on BOM last year and fell head over heals in love with paper piecing, I highly recommend her Patterns to anyone looking to learn how) and I'm looking forward to catching up on my doctor who-a-long blocks with trillium and soma after having to set them aside due to a very busy holiday season. I'm also very excited to participate in my first ever quilting bee as a member of Stash Bee hive 8.
   More Clothing is also in the works with plans for a Bess top(dress cause that's how i role), Riding peplum,  and  Lark maxi cardi along with another Meridian cardi, Ruby dress, and my favorite new basic the Wiksten dress (I've made 2 already!). I'm eager to explore this little adventurer of mine. My grey and teal ruby was my first ever piece of adult clothing EVER, I love it, have worn it a dozen times already and I loved making it so much that since October, I've gone full on into making my own clothes with another ruby tunic, 2 wiksten dresses, a meridian cardi, and a pair of leggings, but I'll save that for another post.
   Here's a little slide show of some of my favorite 2013 finishes:

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Peach Vintage In Parenting Magazine! ......and a give away:)

So, if your not on my facebook feed, you may not know that one of our Peach Vintage, Little Indian Headdresses is in the October issue of Parenting magazine! I had been keeping this little secret (mostly) to  my self  for the last few months since I knew there was a chance that they may not use my product in the finished magazine and I didn't want to get my hopes up to much just in case it didn't work out. I mean, I was just so honored that they asked me to use my headdresses in the first place. It was validation that I was doing something new and different that a magazine as big as Parenting had noticed me. 
Never in a million years did I expect the beautiful picture that greeted me when I opened the pages of issue 268! I mean seriously!?!?! It's the center of the whole article! and they did such a beautiful job on the make-up. It's just so ............awesome:) for lack of a better word. And right there next to the picture in lovely orange letters is :) in Parenting magazine! and ya'll know I like me some orange;)  
The funny thing was that it was pretty much what I did with Bear last year when I needed an emergency costume for a little festival around our town since his real costume was still on the sewing table. Though I have to admit I like their make-up much better, but getting my 18 month old to sit still for even the 2 meager slashes of color I gave him was nearly impossible. 
Anyway, in honor of my good fortune I thought I might share the wealth and give away a Little Indian Headdress! That pretty one in the picture above :)  What ya'll think about that! 

So, If you would like to enter to win this little lovely bit of fun all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post. One entry per person please. Give away is now closed, thanks to those that entered  Submissions end at midnight Sept. 30,2012 Winner will be picked at random and announced by Oct.3, 2012.  International entries are welcome. 
Good Luck Everyone!

Update: So only 2 people entered which makes me a little sad, because it means no one cares to read my little blog even when I'm giving away free stuff.  But it's good news for the entrants, since there was only two of you, I have a Little Indian Headdress for Both of you! Send me your mailing info and I'll send them out! Thanks for participating! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rainy Day Reprive

So, it's been pretty rainy down here since my last post. My plants should be good and happy now, I would hope. Good news it everything is finished and ready for my promised mini upload and I think we may have a break with some descent light for pictures today so maybe everything will be in the shop by tonight or tomorrow morning, hopefully. If you haven't seen the sneak peek pictures be sure to visit my facebook page and have a look.

Anyway, with all the rain and needing a "work" break, I decided to make something for my self last night. I was in desperate need of a new bag and I had just gotten the fall issue of Quilts and more (love this mag!), so I had a crack at Rashida Coleman-Hale's Sweet Pleat bag pattern, and only partly because I'm a fan girl ;) 
 It was super easy to put together and I used my new Serger to do most of it, just to get some practice on the scary thing. The charcoal grey fabric is this rad new linen Sara just got in the shop (she also has it in fuchsia!) and the print is a DS quilts fabric from Joanna's out of my stash that I've been hording for the past year.     
 Instead of the fabric covered buttons the pattern called for I opted to make some little wool felt bows instead and stitched them on with some bright blue pearl cotton for extra impact. My little bear told me it was cute and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it my self.  So if you happen to see my smiling face around town with my pretty new bag. "Why yes, I made it my self. Oh! well thank you I love it too;)"   
 Well then, I better be off if I'm to take advantage of the weather break and get my product picture today, I'll need to go and do it now :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

I am a hot mess............

and I'm not afraid to admit it. Currently, I am obsessed with braiding my hair back before pinning it up to keep it out of my way, finding the perfect red lipstick, and my work as I build up my stocks for the holidays.
The stocking up is going well. I'll have a nice mini update some time early next week, with a few Little Indian Head Dresses, some new 18" throw pillow covers that I'm rather proud of, and one or two giant star fish. I'm going to try for a mini update every week or two this year instead for my normal  stock piling for one big update. I'm hoping that will keep things rolling for the season. My plans are heavy on the dress-up items till Halloween with head dresses, red riding hoods, and some pirate goods, then more toy's and dolls on to Christmas, and more home decor and some vintage items sprinkled threw out. Here's hoping it goes well for me and Peach Vintage this year, my fingers are crosses and I'm saying my prayers, since I just invested in that nice new Serger sitting on my table and I'd like to give my boy's a nice Christmas this year with out going into debt.
Oh! another point of note I'm working on a Peach Vintage Indian Summer event. I'll be hosting a tutorial or two and a give-a-way so please stay tune for that. I'm hoping to have the first tutorial up next week sometime also, hopefully at the same time as the mini update.     
Anyway, speaking of boy's and red lipstick, we like kisses at our house ;p can you tell. I find little baby chicks are the best way to test out lipstick colors and little baby chicks like having kisses from their poor mother hens so it all works out ::wink:wink:: .
And with that I think, I will say good night.  I still have piping to make for pillow cases, and then fabric to pick for Little Indian Head Dresses to get them finished up, plus the promised starfish our two, so I better get back to business if i want to make that update dead line for early next week. Le much more to do.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting ideas out...............................

Some times you just got to live it for the day....................................

p.s. pictures of small child dressed as a peachy little pirate to come. He's to grumpy this evening. And I have one or two more ideas to go with this little add-on pirate kit to complete the cuteness.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shrub for the 4th

  So I was over at the talented Amy Karol's blog a while back when she posted about drinking vinegar or "shrub" and I put it in the back of my head to try one day. Fast forward to my Roo buying a butt ton of peaches and then never making the jam he had planned, plus company coming over. Perfect time to try it out right. Sooooooooooo right!
   The first one I made was a heated Blueberry Peach with a 1:1:1:1 ratio of fruit,sugar, water, and vinegar. This is the fastest way and you'll be able to use it the same day you make it.
  • Water and sugar in a sauce pot till sugar is completely dissolved. 
  • Add fruit and simmer till fruit is broken down and juices are fully released in to your sugar syrup. I like to smash the fruit a little while it's cooking too, to help release more of the juice. 
  • Let cool and strain out fruit solids, help it out a little with a rubber spatula. you don't have to but I included the smooth fruit pulp that strained with the juice, just scrape it off the bottom side of your mesh strainer. This will give you little specks of fruit and make your shrub cloudier, so if you want something more clear for fancy cocktails I might leave it out. I don't really know the rule on this but I liked the taste of it so I put it in the "drink" so to speak.  
  • Add vinegar, I used apple cider in all of my recipes, but I've seen a few recipes out there that use red or white wine and balsamic. I think the key is to use a flavorful vinegar so I wouldn't use white, but  I'm not the rule police here and there is a recipe or two out there that calls for it.
  • cap your jar or bottle and shake to mix. 
  • refrigerate and enjoy.
     Drank strait from a shot glass it's a sweet, tart, fruity explosion in your mouth that makes it water for more. But more than that it's the best for mixed drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic! I've already come to love it mixed with fizzy water for and afternoon refresher.  My current favorite is the honey,lavender and cracked pepper recipe I came up with this afternoon, mixed with the lime La Croix in my pantry, the sweet tart flavor with a spicy finish reminds me of some of the better ginger beers I've had.
  Typically, I've seen it  mixed with rum or vodka for cocktails.I did try making a mezcal and blueberry peach  cocktail that wasn't bad but I need to work on the ratio's before I share. My friend ,Jess who was lucky enough to get a jar of my blueberry peach shrub, said she was gonna try it out in champagne which sounds totally nummy. But here at our Peachy little coupe where it's all about Justin's home brew beer, we make a "peachy" fruit bomb, Justin thought of it first but I'm going to pretend it was my idea ;).
  • One shot shrub of your choice
  • Home brew wheat beer off the tap. ( or any wheat beer if your not so lucky as to have home brew on tap at your house ;p)
 Now I'm not a huge drinker, and beers not my first choice when I do, but this tastes just so AMAZING! In fact, I've had 2 pints tonight! which is major for me. It reminds me of a super fruity Lambic (which I love but they can be pricey so I'll only get one on special occasions ). This one is with the blueberry peach shrub, but I've also used the raspberry banana shrub(same recipe,different fruit) this way and it is equally as yummy.

I'm trying out the cold press recipe from here with the rest of my peaches. I started it today, so I have a few days before I get to NOM on that one. boo!  I'm excited though, since word is it gives the fruit a purer and brighter taste.  I also have some watermelon in the fridge that I might try to get my "Shrub" on with just to see if it will work with melon (and I think it will!) But what I really need now is some "drinking buddies" to come over and play Mixology with me at the coupe for the 4th. We can make My Roo do burger's since that is his specialty! But since in reality Roo will most likely be working since the restaurant will be open (yay for every burger lover around here,boo for me:( ) I'll be here not drinking since I have to be a good mother hen to my bear of a baby chick and not a slushy lush. So how 'bout a sale instead!  Head on over to the Peach Vintage shop this week and enjoy 20% your order with coupon code  APEACHY4TH all week! (sale ends 7/5/12 and midnight.) 

Now, I've got to go watch pooh with my boys. So I'm Going to say, have a great night and try some super easy to make Drinking Vinegar and let me know how you liked it :)