Friday, September 14, 2012

Peach Vintage In Parenting Magazine! ......and a give away:)

So, if your not on my facebook feed, you may not know that one of our Peach Vintage, Little Indian Headdresses is in the October issue of Parenting magazine! I had been keeping this little secret (mostly) to  my self  for the last few months since I knew there was a chance that they may not use my product in the finished magazine and I didn't want to get my hopes up to much just in case it didn't work out. I mean, I was just so honored that they asked me to use my headdresses in the first place. It was validation that I was doing something new and different that a magazine as big as Parenting had noticed me. 
Never in a million years did I expect the beautiful picture that greeted me when I opened the pages of issue 268! I mean seriously!?!?! It's the center of the whole article! and they did such a beautiful job on the make-up. It's just so ............awesome:) for lack of a better word. And right there next to the picture in lovely orange letters is :) in Parenting magazine! and ya'll know I like me some orange;)  
The funny thing was that it was pretty much what I did with Bear last year when I needed an emergency costume for a little festival around our town since his real costume was still on the sewing table. Though I have to admit I like their make-up much better, but getting my 18 month old to sit still for even the 2 meager slashes of color I gave him was nearly impossible. 
Anyway, in honor of my good fortune I thought I might share the wealth and give away a Little Indian Headdress! That pretty one in the picture above :)  What ya'll think about that! 

So, If you would like to enter to win this little lovely bit of fun all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post. One entry per person please. Give away is now closed, thanks to those that entered  Submissions end at midnight Sept. 30,2012 Winner will be picked at random and announced by Oct.3, 2012.  International entries are welcome. 
Good Luck Everyone!

Update: So only 2 people entered which makes me a little sad, because it means no one cares to read my little blog even when I'm giving away free stuff.  But it's good news for the entrants, since there was only two of you, I have a Little Indian Headdress for Both of you! Send me your mailing info and I'll send them out! Thanks for participating!